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Have you been arrested or charged with a crime? You need an experienced, aggressive trial attorney to protect your rights and vigorously defend your freedom. Look no further than Garcia & Garcia for assistance.

At Garcia & Garcia, our skilled managing attorney, Danny Garcia, possesses almost 15 years of experience in Criminal Defense. He has successfully represented people with minor traffic charges to serious felony cases such as aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, DUI, aggravated DUI, and many others.

Contact our Arizona Criminal Defense lawyers today and arrange a Free consultation. With our experienced trial attorneys and affordable payment plans, we can help you with no office visit required. Just one phone call and we can begin helping you get your life back to normal.

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Garcia & Garcia offers the personalized service of a boutique firm with the resources of large firms. Our attorneys are highly experienced and well respected by some of the most prestigious legal organizations.
Rest assured, we are committed to dedicating the required time and resources to ensure a favorable outcome in your case.
Let Us Help You Make A Bad Situation Better

When Bad Things Happen to Good People, We Can Help

Facing criminal charges on your own can be a daunting and intimidating ordeal. Your freedom is at stake, and your job, family, and future are on the line. You need to make a good decision about who you hire to represent you. You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer and confident they will fight for you. The lawyer you choose can make a big difference in the outcome of your case, and we take pride in fighting and winning criminal cases. Contact our law office today to discover how we can help you.

Payment Plans Available.

Payment Plans

What Happens When You Call Us?

We strongly believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we take pride in delivering exceptional customer service to each one of our clients. This is what typically happens when you call us.

Hire Us by Phone

No office visit is required. Call us now, and we can discuss how we can help you. Ask about our payment plan options.

We Inform the Court


Once we’ve been retained, we’ll let the court know that we’re representing you, and you’ll cease all unsupervised communications with the police and the court.

Be Available for Your Lawyer

Once we obtain all the evidence, we will work with you to develop your defense and talk to witnesses. We need you to be available to us.

Go to Court with your Lawyer

You will likely have to go to court eventually, but we will be with you every step of the way. We will not leave your side and will ensure your rights are protected and respected. Sometimes, clients never have to go to court.

Remember, if you’ve been charged with a crime, that does not mean you are guilty.  Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today to discuss your case and begin your journey toward justice.

Why Should I Hire Garcia & Garcia Law Firm?


There is no substitute for an experienced trial attorney.


Our attorneys will vigorously defend and protect your rights.


In many cases, we offer affordable payment plans.


We believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

Trial Ready

We are trial attorneys, which shows in the courtroom.

Navigating criminal cases can be complex, and even a minor detail can make all the difference in whether you are successful. That is why it is crucial to have experienced attorneys by your side.

At Garcia & Garcia, our attorneys have over a decade of experience handling DUI and Criminal cases. Our track record includes successfully defending people with minor traffic violations to facing life in prison. We are dedicated to ensuring that your rights are protected and respected.
Our objective is to allow you a second chance to get your life back with as little stress as possible.